A new exhibit in the LOVE ART Gallery and Studio is a dedication to strong women everywhere. It runs through June 1st and the exhibit is called "Nevertheless She Persisted" and celebrates Women's History Month. Women's History Month allows for women across the globe to be recognized for their achievements and impact on history. Throughout history women have often been glossed over or forgotten. Dedicating the month to women allows for these errors to be rewritten and for the significance of female power to be highlighted.

The gallery will show a variety of female and male artists depicting themes of female strength and the story of women's achievements in the face of oppression. The show will host over 15 different artists in a variety of mediums.

Amy gordon

I Am
Mixed Media on canvas
18 x 24 inches

Geoffrey stein

Blue Couch

Acrylic on canvas

48 x 48 inches


Blue Couch was painted from life in fall 2008, after I returned to NYC from my MFA at the Slade School of Fine Art in London. IT is a portrait of C.S., one of my favorite models, ho I worked with off and on over four years. Blue Couch was painted quickly using large pieces of acrylic paint, leaving blank pieces of the ground when a mark was not necessary and using orange to correct. I spent a long time looking at this painting, before deciding that it was finished and did not need additional work.

Cabell Molina

Flying Solo

Mixed media on Canvas

36 x 36 inches


cindy press

Somewhere Between Dream and Awake

Oil on canvas

48 x 60 inches



Iyaba Ibo mandingo

Blue Woman on Rug

Mixed media and oilstick on corrugated cardboard and wood panel

32 x 40 inches


Lydia Larson


Oil on canvas

30 x 40 inches


The Flyers is about freedom, feminism, and bravery. Figures abandon their clothes, a sign of vulnerability, and let go of expectation. They rise above - choosing equality over status quo and fly. One man sits on the fence below, never to be move, despite the challenging spectacle up above, he watches. Another man has joined the movement in the sky as an ally. The fence is dilapidated, beginning to break down- a reality that will hopefully be fully realized as we strive for all social, political, and economic barriers to equality to be leveled. 

Mari Gyorgyey

Blue Girl in the Snow

Oil on canvas

19 x 25 inches


Cherry Girl

Oil on canvas

22.5 x 28.5 inches


My series of paintings explores the issue of body image in the life of young females. The onset of puberty introducs new criteria for self analysis particularly of the body. My "Girls in Suit" images capture the moment girls look in the mirror as women. What constitutes the fresh criticism they will impose on themselves? How much will be nature or nurture?

MIchele voigt

L'ame de la Femme

Oil on canvas

36 x 36 inches


L'ame de la femme is my attempt to paint the beauty of women from the inside out. The process forged me into the complex layers of women to examine, embrace and extract their inner magnificence with complete disregard for external features. The composition contains twelve complete female figures layered upon one another creating their own fragmentation. 

dominique Steffens

Times Up Barbie

Mixed media on wood panel and plexi

18 x 24 inches



#metoo Barbie

Mixed media on wood panel and plexi

18 x 24 inches



Energized and inspired by the current female movement in marches, speeches and action - I wanted to include a pop icon. Surely Black and Blonde Barbie have had decades of experience being treated as female (sex) symbols. Our fight for equal rights, equal pay, end of workplace discrimination and harassment is moving from the film screen and the celebrities into everyday life. With the LA LOVE wall in mind, I created these #timesup and #metoo popArt "selfies" to elevate the #metoo victimization into a place of solidarity and empowerment 

vincent Collenzo


Oil on canvas

48 x 60 inches


An Agoraphobic stares out the window. She's thinking of a time before she was married, when she was free. Teary-eyed she unlocks the door. Today she will walk to the beach, a long two blocks away. 


Heart pounding and dizzy she repeats, "one more step, one more step..."


Her footsteps soften. She's walking on sand.


She made it! She's crying again, now tears of joy. 


But through the blur, near the dunes, are the three devils. Dependence, Humiliation and Death. They have weapons and are moving towards her.   


"No!" she says, "Not today! I'm not afraid anymore!" For the first time she sees their faces clearly. They are angry, but also sad. Their lips trembling, "Are we so hideous?"


"No" she says calmly, "Not hideous at all."

William nelson

Dance of the Seven Veils

Oil on canvas

60 x 24 inches



This work explores the preoccupation American culture has with sexuality and how patriarchal societies try to exert control through cultural norms, government legislation and religious practices.


In the book of Matthew Herod offered his niece her hearts desire if she would perform a dance for his guests. The dance is acknowledged to be Salome’s Dance of the Seven Veils, though neither the dance nor the dancer were named in the Bible. Herod’s niece’s choice of rewards was named, the head of John the Baptist on a silver platter. 


The Dance of the Seven Veils was originally named in Oscar Wilde’s 1891 play Salome. The seven veils may have been inspired by the goddess Ishtar in ancient Mesopotamia. It is said that when she descended into the underworld, she had to strip her robes at each of the seven gates.


When Oscar Wilde’s Salome unveiled and stripped naked she symbolized the ultimate state of truth. 

Carl Bocicault


Mixed media on canvas

36 x 48 inches


In Majesty I'm exploring the idea that this woman is royalty and should be seen in that light by others. Behind her is the endless sky and ocean mirroring her depth as a woman. She stands firm on the rocky shore with the waves crashing behind her ad she still personifies beauty and sensuality in a regal way. I chose to leave her facial features blank so you as the viewer have the liberty to insert any woman in your life in this narrative. 

Nikki key


Oil on canvas, glitter detail

30 x 30 



In a dimly lit jazz club in 1955 Paris, two impeccably accessorized women defy gender conformity and set stereotypes a blaze in a swirl of flame and smoke. 

Mary Jo mcgonagle 

Hello Gorgeous

Hand created neon sculpture: glass and plexi

30 x 15 inches

Price upon request



Oil on Canvas

36 x 36 inches


Michael Wagner 

I Cheated Myself

Acrylic on canvas

30 x 40 inches


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