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LoveArt is currently an online  gallery doing pop up events and art fairs. We had a brick and mortar space for 3 years in the heart of South Norwalk CT but chose to become online during Covid. The gallery offers unique, original art from both local and international artists. Artist and owner/creator Cabell Molina is committed to the idea the artist is just as important as the work and is making it a priority not only to exhibit outstanding work, but to foster a supportive artist community. The original gallery had an adjoining studio where artists work on projects and collaborate on ideas as well as teach classes and workshops.In addition to cultivating strong relationships with artists, LoveArt is passionate about helping individuals and institutions that are interested in expanding their collections. All of the work in the gallery is carefully curated and LoveArt maintains a strict “interesting art only” policy when making selections. Art should be something that brings happiness into your life, makes you smile, or inspires you. Picasso said, “Art washes away from your soul the dust of everyday life.” LoveArt makes it a mission to bring in pieces that amuse and excite. We are also proud to offer a wide price range that will enable first time collectors and those on a budget to experience the cool factor of having original, meaningful art pieces in their homes.


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