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Michael Wagner

Born in Pennsylvania, Michael Wagner has actualized his life-long fascination

of figurative painting, particularly portraiture. His art education, his

early career in graphic design and later law enforcement has provided an

interesting combination in visual aesthetics and human psychology. His

detailed and colorful portraits are filled with layer upon layer of careful

rendering, revealing the ambiguity that exists in every individual and the

setting that makes that individual come alive. Considering himself a Pop

Realist, his work conveys the colorful experience of “the face in action”,

playing music, performing and often in leisure, posing in front of a

camera. Growing up in the late sixties and experiencing the surge of a

music revolution influenced him greatly and has allowed him to paint a

musical soundtrack of his formative years. To Michael, every face has its

own unique map and conveys a sense of depth captured best with paint

and a brush. Not only does the face of a person provide a fascinating

landscape to explore, Michael aims at capturing what's beneath the surface,

particularly the mysteriousness of the rock celebrity and often the

energy they embody.


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