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Charles Herbstreith

Environment. Information. White Noise.

I have spent a better part of my life working in advertising creating content to the masses. With that foundation, I have become a communicator of pop culture through modern media. Words and pictures have meanings and when combined properly, they can create the most powerful of meanings. But what happens when you destrpy their contextual foundation?

CONTENT is a project that investigates the altered world of printed communications. It is understood that every page of a magazine, a book, a letter, or a newspaper contains different content. When the content is broken down, dismembered, to an abstract level, all that remains is the essence of its DNA. This abstractong of the common printed page into tiny cells is the overall visual equvalent to white noise in space. It's the Information Age version of Abstract Expressionism of the 40's and 50's.

The process of creating these content beds is as common as the household toaster. Today, just about everyone from big business to the home office is outfitted with a paper shredder. The common act of shredding paper has as much to do with destroying information as it does with protecting one's identity. The piece, "self-portrait," is just that. It is merely my DNA in 1's and 0's. It has all my information without harm to my identity. Another byproduct of this project is creation og images that re as banal and unassuming from it's exterior as a microchip, but within contain millions of thoughts and ideas.

When viewing each piece, try to look and mediate on each one for a while before knowing what the content is. Then look at the piece again. If it changes your perception and feeling of the piece, I guess I've done my job. 

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