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Bruce Horan

The silkscreen and acrylic paintings on canvas by Bruce Horan offer a montage of imagery and expression that focus upon the human experience within the modern and urban world. These pieces incorporate the desire to experiment within the medium by building upon the idea of the monoprint and layering imagery and patterns in a spontaneous process, while being influenced by historically significant artists such as Warhol with his repetition sequences, Mondrian and his neoplasticism and non-representational forms, Rauschenberg and his Combines, and others including Manet and Van Gogh. Each work on canvas is a unique, original piece with no duplication. The imagery comes from personal experiences and encounters that unify with expressive gesture to create a sense of wonderment and objectivity about our place within our surroundings.

Bruce Horan is a painter, printmaker and musician who works out of his studio in Norwalk, CT. After receiving his MFA from Pratt Institute in 2010, Bruce studied graphic design with the Shillington School and worked with a Master Printer in a contemporary fine art studio in New York City. More recently, Bruce has been working on his series of paintings that blur the distinction between abstraction and impressionism by incorporating gestural expression and loose figurative representation that interprets the energy and definitions associated with the urban experience.


Bruce shows his work regionally and nationally and has his work in private collections around the world. He currently serves as the President of the Rowayton Arts Center, Norwalk, CT.

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